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Blush Brush

Blush Brush


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INIKA’s Blush Brush is designed for shading and highlighting the cheeks and face with our loose mineral blush or bronzing powders.  The perfectly sized bristles are extremely soft, and, like the Kabuki Brush, are designed to hold the powder in the brush helping to maximise the application of the product.

100% Vegan and Certified Cruelty Free.

INIKA’s Blush Brush has been specifically designed to be used with INIKA products. This ensures you have the best application and coverage.

100% synthetic materials and wood from sustainable forestry. To protect all your INIKA brushes, cleanse regularly using a chemical free shampoo. Lather and rinse until the water runs clear and leave to dry naturally overnight.

"Lovely experience, felt wonderfully refreshed after my massage and facial, look forward to going there again. "...